Everything we serve here at Capizzi is made as if you were going to my Grandmother’s house for a holiday. Back then, it was like a friendly family competition of who had the best food. (Although the homemade wine competitions were not so friendly.) Everything had to be the best, and I mean everything! One bakery might have the best bread, but not the best cake. One pork store might have the best sausage, but the chicken market had the best chicken, and so on. My parents and grandparents shopped for days all over Brooklyn.

As a small child, I didn’t understand it. Who cares has the best? Why not just go to the supermarket, and get everything? (“God forbid,” Nonna would say.) But as I got older, I realized it’s not just about good food. It was like a sport, a passion, and a love affair with food and nature, all rolled up into one.

As a small child, I worked by my father’s and grandfather’s side in their pizza shops and gardens, and I too have developed the passion and love for the art of food. There is a great deal of pleasure that come with serving something really special. At Capizzi we shop the world to bring you the best, regardless of price. I invite you to step out of Hell’s Kitchen, and go back in time to my Nonna’s kitchen, where things are made with a sense of love and pride.

As for our name, Capizzi is a small town in Sicily, Province of Messina, the birthplace of my mother and grandparents. The tradition of excellence is carried on here at Capizzi, in their memory.

Joseph Calcagno
Owner Operator