If you are looking for a great experience and amazing food and wonderful service look no further. My partner and I shared a salad, a pizza and a desert and had Chianti and Sangria. All courses were some of the best quality I had outside of Italy and the service was stellar. We could see every table equally enjoyed themselves…. Perfect for couples as well! A very special evening and we can’t wait to come back again

- David S.

Awesome pizza and service!. I’ve had pizza in many places, including Naples. This was really really good. It is thin crust, as is typical with NY pizza and it was made in the Italian style. It is fired in a brick oven, and was really good. The crust is perfect, and the toppings are great. If you want an authentic NYC pizza experience… this is your place!

- B.

Fantastic! Capizzi’s has a real neighborhood feel- it was cozy but not normal NYC crowded restaurant with crowded tables to fit the maximum. The staff was friendly and inviting and didn’t rush us. The music was romantic and then there was the pizza. Perfectly airy yet crispy and blistered dough. I tried the Artichoke pizza and the Proscuitto/Arugula pizza. Both were spectacular (artichoke was best) and arrived quickly bubbling hot.

- Kassie M

Adorable little pizza shop hidden right near Port Authority. The tiny little one-room restaurant was empty enough around 2:00 on a Saturday that our party of five was quickly shown to a table. They brought us a bottle of tap water for the table and round wooden flats to act as plates. The menu is fairly extensive, and although it says that their pizzas are all personal sized, you have to be REALLY hungry to eat one of those all by yourself. We ordered three pizza for the table and that was plenty for the five of us. We had the margherita, the asparagus and the eggplant. All three were excellent Neapolitan pizza: fresh mozzarella, flavorful marinara, chewy crust. Our waitress was actually from Italy, which I suppose has to be a good sign.

- Charlotte J.

Excellent pizza! This is a sit down place and my friend and I were in a hurry, but we managed to get in, eat and get out in under 20 minutes. The margherita is delicious and definitely enough for two people to share. Friendly service and reasonably priced for pizza of this quality! I would love to return and try the other varieties.

- Gab G.

Delicious. Oh my goodness and oh my gracious. This place far exceeded my expectations.

Yes, I’m from Texas. So no, I don’t have a wide experience with NYC pizza. But you know what? I do have experience shoving food into my mouth-hole and my taste buds work great and I could barely come up for air as fast as a was shoveling it in. Thin crust, wood-fired pizza with thick pepperoni. Arrgh. So good.

Right across the street from the Port Authority seems an unlikely location for a romantic, charming eatery, but it works. And although I look forward to trying a cheap walk-up, sell-it-by-the-slice place, I really appreciated a nice quiet sit-down lunch after traipsing around downtown all day.

Value-wise, it’s a bit on the pricey. $16.95 for a 3-topping pizza: pepperoni, anchovy, and onion. Once I added in drink, tax, and tip, it’s more than what I was expecting. But I would not hesitate to go again. And again.

Good service. The chef took my order and one of the owners served me and engaged me in a little friendly chitchat.

- Suzanne L.